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How to Download in amr or Cipcup Through PC - Waptrick.com or Cipcup.com is now a download wap site which is devoted to mobile users or Hp (CellPhone). The files provided by this website is complete, ranging from music, videos, applications, games, images, animation, and others. Cipcup.com has a twin, ie wapdam.com, wapkid.com and gratisindo.com. The site is actually equal to waptrick.com, the contents of the same content and the same is managed by a different but just the title and address of the site only.

If you download or download the files on these sites using a mobile or cell phone, then you will run a lot of credit, access to data, and also your time just to download a file. All problems must be a solution. You can make the process of downloading the wap site through a computer or laptop. It's easy. However, there are conditions. What is it? The condition is that you must use the Mozilla Firefox browser that can work for pemasanga an add-on called User Agent Switcher which we will use to download files from waptrick.com.

How to Download Waptrick of PC
1. Install an add-on User Agent Switcher in your Mozilla Firefox browser.
2. Restrart your Firefox.
3. Click the Tools menu> Default User Agent, Select iPhobe 3.0.

4. Waptrik.com Go to site and will look like the following.
How to Easily and Quickly Download Or Downloading Files from amr, Wapdam, Gratisindo.com, and waptrick via PC or Laptop Computer
5. Done.
Up here, please download the files from the site as much use of your PC. So, you have no need to fear running out of credit and internet data again. In addition to this you will save much of your time. Thank you and hopefully useful. Happy downloading!

www.waptrick.com or www.cipcup.com

www.waptrick.com or www.cipcup.com

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